Encouraging generous giving

There are many reasons that people will want to give to your church. We can’t guess what they might be, but we can help by inspiring people to give, explaining why the funds are needed, and what they help us to do.

Some will be interested in giving towards the upkeep of the building, while others will be inspired to help further the mission of your church, and to help grow our faith.

Whatever the reason is, it's important for you to recognise what people are giving towards. The temptation is to focus on specific projects when you're asking for donations, but instead, you should consider your donors' point of view. What does it mean for them to give to your church? Are there general things about your church that you can highlight that will speak to them? 

Their generous gifts can help move the church forward in accomplishing God's purposes, which are being lived out in a number of ways. Not only are there many who benefit from this money when it's used well (including those who gave), but there are also many who will benefit from it even though they never gave anything at all.

We can all give examples of how our faith helps and support people, whether in times of trouble, in celebration or through the challenges thrown at us in our everyday lives. 

By telling these stories, we can inspire others to give.

Encouraging Giving resources

A good starting point is to ask – what makes our project important?
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