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Praying with Children and Young People

by Michael Ford last modified 21 Jun, 2017 10:45 AM

Prayer is at the heart of our life as a church. When we pray, we communicate with God through our words, our actions, or in our hearts.

Bishop Nicholas has called us all to Pray, Serve and Grow. Helping children and young people discover how to pray, not just how to say prayers, is a vital part of helping them to explore and develop faith.

There are many creative and fun ways that we can help children and young people talk to and listen to God. The depth of response and capacity of even very young children to communicate with God when we give them the chance is amazing.

The ideas and links below are helpful for schools, churches, children's and young people's groups and activities, at home or wherever you meet with children and young people.

God Loves you, wherever you are, even in the tough times.
His love is strong, stronger than the world, and the world is fairly big!
But not as big as his love.
God loved you before you were born.
After you die he shall love you.
His love helps you to care for other people, and for them to care for you.

Written by Jacob, Sarum Harnham Cof E VC Junior School
Printed in 'I Want to Speak to God Please' (Salisbury Diocese DBE, 2009)

For further information or support or praying with Children and Young People, contact the Children, Young People and Families team:

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