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Parish Giving Scheme

by glynch — last modified 22 Aug, 2018 02:48 PM

The Parish Giving Scheme allows people to give by Direct Debit to support their church

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The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a new 21st way of giving, which enables people for the first time to give by Direct Debit to support their church, and allows the church to receive the Gift Aid automatically, reducing the administrative burden on PCCs.

PGS is already in use by 20,000 Church of England givers across 18 dioceses, with a growing number here in Salisbury.

It has unique benefits, and feedback is incredibly positive. Among other things, PGS improves cash flow for parishes and offers donors the option of automatically increasing their giving each year in line with inflation. It helps churches focus on mission and renewing hope.

Some key information is below:

Information leaflet for PCCs here
Updated Listing Registration form here

Joining the PGS will mean that money from participating donors will flow to the PCC through the PGS. It is very important therefore that the trustees of the local church (the PCC) pass and minute a resolution. Suggested wording is:-

“We the PCC of …. request the PGS to commence operation of the scheme on our behalf”

Please ensure this resolution is dated and minuted. The registration form on this page can then be used to register the parish.

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