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by Michael Ford last modified 11 Mar, 2021 02:08 PM
Supporting Headteachers and Governors of our Voluntary Aided (VA) Schools.

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 The almanac!

Funding for building maintenance (DFC) and new projects (SCA)

  • Click the icons above for more information or contact Martyn Kemp.

Diocesan Schools Surveyors

  • A Diocesan School Surveyor is appointed to look after each VA school. For more information, click the 'Diocesan Schools Surveyors' icon above.

Land and Trust Issues

  • We offer advice on any queries regarding land, property or trust deeds affecting Diocesan schools, including the purchase or selling of any land or buildings.
  • We will also instruct agents on your behalf.

Buildings Services Sub-committee

  • The Sub-committee comprises church school Headteachers, members of the Board of Trustees and Local Authorities.
  • It monitors the work of the Buildings and Finance Team through questionnaires and evaluations from schools, surveyors and builders on each project. This ensures that a quality service is provided.
  • It also assists the buildings team in prioritising SCAs for each Local Authority.

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