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Spiritual Development

by Michael Ford last modified 11 Mar, 2021 02:01 PM
"If the spiritual is properly and fully addressed, the moral, social and cultural will fall into place more easily"- Alan Brown (formerly of the National Society)

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In Church Schools, opportunities for spiritual encounter and spiritual development are key aspects in worship and across the curriculum. Having a clear understanding of what spirituality means and how it is woven throughout the provision of a school is an important part of Church School distinctiveness and effectiveness.

The resources below were developed to help schools enable continuity and progression in their provision. Ofsted’s focus is on provision, SIAMS focus also looks for progression.

The Progression in Spiritual Development Exemplar takes each year group and suggests methods for children’s spiritual development through the model of encounter, reflection and transformation. This reflects and works with the windows, mirrors, doors model with which many staff are familiar.

The document is divided into the four areas often used to help schools create a definition of spiritual development:

  • Self (being a unique person and understanding self-perception)
  • Others (how empathy, concern, compassion and other values and principles affect relationships)
  • World and Beauty (perceiving and relating to the physical and creative world through responses to nature and art)
  • Beyond – (relating to the transcendental and understanding experiences and meaning outside the ‘everyday’)

The blank document can be used by schools to begin plotting their own provision and identifying gaps. We would recommend that this work is most effective when undertaken with advisory support. Click the links below to download the files.

Useful Links:

Spirituality Ricketts Progress Grids here
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Spirituality Blank descriptors here
Spirituality A3 Blank sheet to complete here
Prayer Spaces inspiration here

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