Aviva Community Fund

Interests This is insurance company Aviva’s charitable fund; the Aviva Climate Fund is a part of it. The funding area relevant to environmental projects is: “Climate champions: helping communities to prevent, prepare for and protect against the impacts of climate change.”

The fund works, effectively, as a Crowdfunding platform with Aviva employees being given money to distribute to projects they like, and the opportunity for you to publicise the project to raise money from the public.

How to Apply Online – with detailed instructions and case studies. Sign up for Aviva Community Fund updates Exclusions: Your organisation must:

  • Be registered in the UK as a charity or social enterprise
  • Have been operating for at least 12 months at the time of submission
  • Have an annual income of no more than £1 million (can be averaged over the last three years)
  • Have a safeguarding policy if it supports children or vulnerable people
  • Be a living wage employee (if the organisation employs people)
  • Have an active board of trustees or directors or management body. Additional restrictions on the kind of projects they will fund can be found on the website. 

Phone 0207 410 7023

Address Ashden The Peak 3rd Floor, 5 Wilton Road London SW1V 1AP

Email communityfund@aviva.com

Website www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk

Grant potential Up to £50,000

Charity No 1104153

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