The Aviva Climate Fund

Interests This is a match funding opportunity. For every £1 donated towards your project, Aviva match it up to £50; but they will still ‘match’ donations over £50 e.g. if you receive a donation of £100 they will match it with £50. Match funding is dependent on you reaching your fundraising target. Community causes leading the way on climate action. This Fund is in addition to the Aviva Community Fund grants.Projects must:

1.Help prevent or reduce the impacts of climate change.

2.Help prepare people and places for the impacts of climate change, through education and recovery planning.

How to Apply By creating an account on the Community Fund website.

Exclusions Organisations not registered in the UK as a charity or social enterprise.Projects which discriminate on the basis of religion.

Phone 0207 410 7023

Address Ashden The Peak 3rd Floor, 5 Wilton Road London SW1V 1AP



Grant potential A max of £50,000 per organization.

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