The Energy Footprint Tool – support in entering your data

The deadline for entering your parish data in the national Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) is approaching fast. Parishes have until 31 July to enter their energy data from 2022. 

Join a Webinar:  “Filling in Your Energy Footprint Tool: Advice Drop-in Online” 

Monday 10 July 1-2pm 

Tuesday 11 July  7-8pm 

The Energy Footprint Tool is a key part of the Annual Parish Returns system. 

As before, it be found at Annual Returns Online. Just enter your Username and Password, then you’re ready to go. 

For more about EFT, what data you need and how to enter it, see Energy Footprint Tool

If you’ve already made some of your entries in EFT for churches, and paused to get more of the necessary information – don’t forget to go back in, complete your entries then click ‘Submit’. 

EFT is the Church of England’s bespoke tool to record your energy use and calculate your carbon emissions. Your numbers are processed automatically, delivering your results straight to your computer while you wait. A comparison is included with the nationwide average. 

Thank you to all the hard-worked staff and volunteers in our churches who have completed this important piece of work. 

Bear in mind you may have more than one building to record – the church and, say, a separate church hall.  Their figures are entered on additional sheets.  The system should guide you through this process. 

This year, the extended Energy Toolkit is also again available to use.  This covers houses, schools, cathedrals and offices, and is also open for entries of 2021 data until 31 July 2023. 

Any problems – the Parish Support team here to help. 

More information 

Energy Footprint Tool  

Caring for God’s Creation (landing page, Environment and Sustainability). 

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