The new diocesan logo was shared in 2024, after conversations with people aged from 8 to 80 across the diocese, to understand what the Church means to them. The chosen route tells the story of the Christian faith and our distinctive place. Watch a short animation that brings these stories together here: 


The Diocese logo is available with and without the words Making Jesus Known, which is our new vision. To download a logo, left click then right click and 'save as.'

Full Colour versions (for print)

Single colour versions (for print)


Our new typeface is DM Sans which you can download for free here DM Sans - Google Fonts 

Our Colour

We have a new expanded colour palette of vibrant colours reflecting our landscape and our liturgical colours. 

HEX Numbers:

Blue:  #1875D2

Purple: #AE6DE1

Green: #OOA745

Yellow: #FAA700

Style Guide

See our full style guide on use of our colour, logo and branding.

Email with any queries or for digital versions of the logo.

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