25 years of Janice and Jean's Ministry in Christ Church, Creekmoor


On Sunday 28 January, over 180 people, filled Christ Church, Creekmoor with love and best wishes, as we celebrated 25 amazing years of Janice and Jean’s ministry.

Janice and Jean first arrived in 1987 and the Reverend Janice Audibert became Minister in 1999.

Christ Church, Creekmoor is well known for being a ‘sending out’ church. Janice has an incredible gift for seeing the potential in people and encouraging them to ‘have a go’.

Many people have been ordained from Christ Church Creekmoor, including Rev Christine Brooks (Janice's sister), Rev Andy Smith (son), Rev Jo Haine (daughter), Rev Allie Kerr, Rev Tom Lock, Rev Tim Meachin, Rev Stephen Partridge, Rev Ali Alexander, Rev Nigel Williams, Rev Karen Linington, Rev Sally Bedborough and Shirley Williams (Licensed Lay Minister).

It was a very special day in July 2017, when Jean was also ordained, and Christ Church gained two Reverend Audibert’s and in 2019, Janice was installed as Canon of Slape.

They have trained many Lay Pastoral Assitant’s in the area, and oversaw the expansion of our church building, creating a new Community Hub and Community Hub Café.

Janice and Jean are all about making Jesus known and raising up disciples of all ages to love and serve.

They have done an incredible job and all are excited to see what God has planned for them in future!

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