Biker Church

Motorcycle instructor and rider, Michael Donnell has created a new regular Christian meeting called "Lazarus Biker Church". 

The inspiration for this newly formed church came from wanting to find a place for those with an interest in faith and motorbikes to meet, share fellowship and pray together. 

Michael found that his time riding was where he connected with God and wondered if others did too. More recently another biker joined his church of St. Aldhelm’s Crossways and the pair were keen to explore the synergy between riding a motorbike and faith. 

From there, they formed the first group. They held their first meeting on 1 March, which included a blessing of 10 motorbikes present! It also included an informal liturgy- service and reflection. 

Plans for the future include a commemorative Laurence of Arabia ride out and summer socials at the Crossways rector. 

The group meet monthly, on the first Wednesday of each month, at St. Aldhelm’s Crossways, 6pm. 

For more information, visit their dedicated Facebook page, Lazarus Biker Church. 

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