Living out Making Jesus Known in Weymouth

Making Jesus Known is the Diocese of Salisbury’s new vision,  affirmed by the diocesan synod earlier this month. The goal is a simple one, to make Jesus Christ known in every place so that all might flourish and grow. 

Bishop Stephen said: “Making Jesus Known is not a strapline; it’s a choice… In every thought and every conversation we have from now on, we must ask ourselves individually and in our worshipping communities: are we making the person of Jesus Christ known? If not, then it is about us, noisy us, and that convinces no one.” 

Over in the seaside town of Weymouth, Neil Biles serves as the Town Centre Chaplain for St Mary’s Church, and Making Jesus Known is at the very heart of what he does there. 

Having been serving there for four years, it’s taken much time and effort to build his activities and recruit volunteers to turn his ministry into what it’s become today. From Monday Brunch to Tuesday Turn-up and craft days on a Wednesday, Neil manages to provide a whole range of things to allow people to get involved and engage with St Mary’s church. 

In his own words: “These activities give us the opportunity to be Jesus in the community and offer hospitality to all those in the local area. So strategically, and moving forward with the diocese, that’s what we want to do; to make Jesus known and to work together finding partnerships so that we can make the church real in our communities again." 

By getting involved at the centre of his local community, Neil is bridging the gap between the local church and the wider community. He offers regular community sessions, friendship and is committed to making Jesus known to everyone he meets. 

As part of the diocese’s new vision, the Communications team will be developing some resources to help spark conversations about the vision and priorities and the opportunities it offers for your community. If you have an idea about what could help you do that, send us an email at

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