Update on crisis in Sudan

Ian Woodward writes "This week marks the first anniversary of the tragic and relentless conflict between South Sudan and Sudan, the Government forces of the SAF and the rebel force the RSF. More than 15,000 people have been killed with possibly a similar number in the battle for El Geneina in West Darfur on the border with Chad. United Nations agencies describe the situation as the largest displaced population in the world. More than 8.6 million people have been forced out of their homes, 25 million are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, 18 million are facing severe hunger, 5 million of them are at emergency levels.

Archbishop Ezekiel, primate of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and a very long standing and good friend to our partnership has had to flee his cathedral in Khartoum with his family and staff and we have helped him re-establish his base in Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast. Speaking to him on Easter Day, he had just returned from a visit to his people in the Nuba Mountains where, amongst courageously bringing hope and reassurance to his people that they have not been forgotten, he has created a new diocese called ‘Hiban’ and consecrated their new bishop Elsir Kuku. Back home in the UK the Sudans Parliamentary group (APPG) is marking the first anniversary with a meeting in Westminster including speakers from Sudan and the UN World Food Programme and following persistent lobbying the Foreign Office has almost doubled its emergency grant to Sudan. ++Ezekiel has always been clear that the first priority is for food, whilst the Troika (Norway/UK/USA) who hold the role of guarantors of peace in the Sudans and other nations work on peace initiatives. This tragedy seriously affects both Sudan and South Sudan with thousands of refugees fleeing southwards, and with the destruction of the oil pipeline that crucially provided export revenues to both countries, economic ruin, and relentless poverty all too unavoidable.

What can we do from here in our 52 years long Salisbury – Sudans Partnership? Pray for peaceful resolutions to the conflict and for the people of Sudan and South Sudan, and if you are able to make a donation for this crisis – thank you.

You can do so by bank transfer to the ‘Salisbury Diocesan Board of Finance’ account using the following bank details: Lloyds Bank, sort code 309741, bank account number 00007237 – adding ‘Sudan Crisis’ Please make sure you include your name in the detail line."

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