Plough Sunday, Church of St Peter and St Paul Caundle Marsh

Following the very successful tractor run in October, last Sunday, St Peter and St Paul Caundle Marsh hosted a modern Plough Sunday Service. This featured traditional hymns and farming ditties led by local songster Eric Upton, and ably accompanied by Lizzy Dumas, a visiting organist from East Anglia. Jenny Nelson, Assistant Curate, blessed the plough and the seed in the chilly January farmyard, where all assembled for part of the service, and preached on God’s blessings for the agriculture year.

Supported by the Hiscock family, with Di providing bacon and sausage rolls and a variety of drinks, and James a duo of tractors, the plough, and variety of animals for children to pet, the rest of the PCC team, led by Lally Holme and Janet Cowan, turned their hands to engaging with parents and pupils at the local Primary School. These were encouraged to view (and be quizzed on) the model farms that were on display, complete with scale models of barns and approximately 40 authentic figures and animals, lovingly crafted by  churchwarden, Edward Cowan, pursuing his enduring passion for metal-cast, hollow figures, that were first produced by William Britain in 1893.

Jenny Short, secretary of Caundle Marsh PCC said there was a true "spirit of the occasion and enjoyment from of all those that attended."

Thanks are given to the Headteacher and staff at All Saint’s Primary School, Bishop’s Caundle, as well as the Village shop that promoted the event on the church's behalf. 

Deeply rooted in the history of the families that have farmed the Digby Estate for generations, the Church has benefited from successive PCC members, who help to raise much needed funds to support Rectors, and keep the building in good repair. This allows families may continue to use, and benefit from, a place of worship that is a real gem in the heart of the North Dorset landscape.

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