Prayers for Bradford on Avon as Storm Henk causes floods

Bradford on Avon experienced high amounts of flooding last week due to Storm Henk. 

Church Street (this being the only access to the church) and Barton Farm Park were both flooded to waist height. The town centre and town bridge in Blandford were closed on Friday. 

Thankfully, the church remained unscathed,  benefitting from the flood defences which were put in during the re-ordering and the majority of the floods had gone by Saturday morning.

Bradford on Avon’s flooding "was described as the worst seen since the 1980s and 40 houses in Marlborough were evacuated after water levels rose so high it became too dangerous for people to stay in their homes." Hundreds of businesses and homes have been damaged, with the recovery period unknown. Several roads and areas are still closed.

Our prayers are with those who were affected by the flooding and we thank God for the community is Bradford on Avon and Malborough for being able to come together to solve this. 

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