Prayers for our rivers in Calne

Bishop Andrew took part in the annual ‘River Blessing’ day in Calne.  Organised by the mayor and attended by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire and other civic guests, this event featured raft-making activities for children, representation from ecological groups and prayers from the bishop, together with a wreath of leaves and flowers being laid onto the River Marden by a representative of the nature-based spiritualities common in Wiltshire. 

Bishop Andrew said: “Rivers have a significant place in Christian belief, from the river of life that flowed through the Garden of Eden to the River Jordan in which Jesus was baptised. At a time when our Wiltshire chalk streams are at risk of appalling pollution, I am glad to take part in the Calne River Blessing, in which local clergy have been involved for several years. There is common ground with other faiths in concern for the health of our rivers and local ecology, and I am keen to maintain the Christian presence on such occasions.”

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