Cycle of Prayer 18-24 December

Reading this week's prayers is Juliet Stephenson. Juliet took up her current post in September this year, she is the Vicar and Community Missioner at Holy Trinity Weymouth ‘The Harbourside Church’.

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18 December

Lord Jesus 

We lift in our prayers to you the congregations of the benefice of Eggardon and Colmers in Lyme Bay Deanery and its Clergy: Chris Grasske and Carol Peters. We pray your blessing upon: Loders CE VC Primary School - part of the Acorn Academy Powerstock CE VA Primary School Symondsbury CE VA Primary School 


19 December

Creator God, 

Thank you for Beaminster Area, Lyme Bay Deanery and its Clergy: David Baldwin and Jo Neary. We pray for them ad for the Licensed Lay Ministers: Neville Adams and Maurice Yarham. We ask for your bless for the staff and students at: Salway Ash CE VA Primary School Mosterton Parrett & Axe CE VA Primary School Beaminster St Mary's Academy Broadwindsor CE VC Primary School Beaminster CE VC Secondary School 


20 December

Our Lord and our God, 

We pray today for the Bride Valley, in Lyme Bay Deanery  We pray that during its the current vacancy, faith will grow and develop in our existing ministries while we await a new Rector. We thank God for the relationship with schools at Burton Bradstock and Litton Cheney and Bride Valley and for all those who help and support in ministry. We pray especially for the ministry team, the  Liz Howlett,  Ryder Rogers, Licensed Lay Minister James Webster and our Lay Worship Leaders Vicky Thomas, Paul Cheater and Heather Goffee. We yhank you Lord for the staff and pupils of Litton Cheney  Thorner's CE VA Primary School Burton Bradstock CE VC School In our prayers for Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: we pray for the Most Revd Joseph Atem, Archbishop & Diocesan Bishop of Malakal. 


21 December

Living God, 

In our prayers today we raise to you the people and ministry of Bridport, and its Clergy: Deb Smith, Lorna Johnson. We pray for Licensed Lay Minister: Graham Purse.,  Coral Hatton, Peter Wright and for Valerie Payne. In the Parish of Bridport we pray for the life of the town and especially for those struggling with the cost of living crisis. We pray too for the process to appoint a new Pioneer Team Vicar to work with collaboratively to make Jesus known in this place. We ask for your blessing upon Bridport St Mary's CE VC Primary School 


22 December

Lord today in our prayers we raise to you Golden Cap Team and its Clergy: Sarah Godfrey, Virginia Luckett, Sarah Keen, Lucyann Ashdown. We pray for Licensed Lay Ministers: James Ashdown James Pettifer. and Winifred Maynard. We pray for the Benefice during this time of vacancy, for the Acting Team Rector Sarah Godfrey, the Clergy Team and Licensed Lay Ministers, together with the Lay Worship Leaders. We pray for wisdom and discernment during this time, and for God's call to be heard by whomever may be sent to lead here. We ask for your blessing upon the staff and pupils of Lyme Regis St Michael's CE VA Primary School Marshwood C of E Primary Academy Hawkchurch CE VC Primary School


23 December

Our Lord and our God, 

We thank you for the faithful congregations and ministry of those in Dorchester Deanery. We pray for Rural Dean: Sarah Hillman and Assistant Rural Dean: Jonathan Still and Lay Chair: Roger Holehouse. We thank you for all who contribute to the life and mission of our churches and communities. May your blessing be upon them all.


24 December

On today, the Fourth Sunday of Advent and the day before Christmas, as we prepare for the coming of the Christ child: We pray for Buckland Newton, Cerne Abbas, Godmanstone and Minterne Magna, Dorchester Deanery and its Clergy: Jonathan Still. We raise to you the staff and pupils of  Buckland Newton CE VC Primary School Cerne Abbas CE VC First School In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for The Episcopal Church in the Philippines


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