Cycle of Prayer: 25-31 December

Merry Christmas!

Reading this week's prayers is Joe Hobday and members of the youth group at Hope House, Weymouth.

Joe Hobday, has been employed as the Youthwork Pioneer for the Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis with Chickerell, Weymouth for just two years. He has been involved in Youth and Children’s ministry for over 25 years, 19 years in the Weymouth area. He's married to Annette; and they have 4 adult children, an Adult foster son and three grandchildren. His role is to support young people and help them to love who they are and to #makejesusknown in many settings.

My name is Kyl. I’m 15 from Weymouth and I love sailing and chicken.

My name is Rhys. I'm 14 from Weymouth and I love art and talking about football!

My name is Maddison, I am 12 yrs old and live in Weymouth. I love to dance and spend time with my family.

My name is Max, I am 15 yrs old and live in Weymouth. I am an ametur boxer and spend my free time in the gym.

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25 December

Today as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we pray for a peaceful Christmas, in hearts, in homes, across the world. We thank you Lord for the faithful communities in  Charminster, Stinsford and the Chalk Stream villages, and its Clergy: Leila Mather, Hugh Willis, Dick Luther, Liz Cross, Bruce Dixon, Rob van der Hart. We pray for the continued unity of the benefice, for all those exploring and embracing vocations, and for our work amongst local families and schools, with the elderly, and with isolated members of the parishes, as we seek to share the good news of God’s unconditional love with the whole community. We lift to you the the staff and students at: Charminster St Mary's CE VC First School, praying they will be renewed and refreshed this holiday.


26 December

Gracious God, 

Today on St Stephen’s day we pray for Moreton, Woodsford and Crossways with Tincleton, Dorchester Deanery and its Clergy: Gemma Donnell, Peter Stevens. And licensed Lay Minister: Will Spackman. We pray as planning for the Alpha course begins locally and work to engage younger families in Crossways. We pray also for the historic buildings all of which need maintenance or repair work. We ask your blessing on the staff and students at: Frome Valley CE VA First School


27 December

Today as we commemorate John, Apostle and Evangelist we pray for Piddle Valley, Hilton and Ansty, Cheselbourne and Melcombe Horsey, and their Clergy: Stephen Waine, Helier Exon, Jacquie Shaw. We pray for the 6 parishes of the benefice as they seek to serve their villages. We pray for the staff and students of  Piddle Valley First School and Cheselbourne School and the Piddle Valley CE VA First School In our prayers for the Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: we pray for the Rt Revd Richard Aquilla, Bishop of Nzara in South Sudan. 


28 December

Lord God,

today we pray for Puddletown, Tolpuddle and Milborne with Dewlish, Dorchester Deanery and its Clergy: Sarah Hillman. We pray for the new initiative of Bubble Church and links with baptism families. We raise to you for staff and students at: Puddletown St Mary's CE Middle School Puddletown CE First School


29 December

Creator God, 

We pray your blessing upon Watercombe, Dorchester Deanery and its Clergy: David Johnson, Anthony Bush. Licensed Lay Minister: Jenny Bagnall. We pray for the ministry of Methodist Minister: Brenda Stephenson. We pray for Jenny, Brenda, Anthony and David and the ministry we share with all those who support -  and worship in - the six churches of the Watercombe Benefice.  Especially pray for those who find the peace of the presence of God in our open churches and that we may continue to offer warmth and welcome in this little part of Dorset. 


30 December


God with us We pray today for Dorchester and the Winterbournes, and Clergy: Keith Magee, Cora Yarrien, Jimmy Holden, Jo Lacy Smith, Heidi Merrett, John Wood, Richard Franklin, Michael Insley, Eileen McLean, Rosemary Bassett, Jane Culliford. We thank you for Licensed Lay Ministers: Caroline McMeiken,  Esther Bird, David Bowen, Allen Knott, Robert Potter. We pray for the ministry of our churches in our town and villages. We particularly pray for the Winterbourne villages and Compton Valence who are presently in vacancy.

We seek God’s guidance and support as Winterborne’s look to appoint a new Team Vicar. We lift to you the staff and students of Winterbourne Valley CE VA First School Dorchester Manor Park CE VC First School Dorchester St Osmund's CE Middle School 


31 December

On today, First Sunday of Christmas Today we pray for Dorchester Area Hospitals and Weldmar Hospice Trust We pray for the soul of Father Barry Hallett (RC), a much-loved parish priest and hospital chaplain who is sorely missed.  As we move into a New Year, we remember all those known to us who have died in the past year and pray for those who grieve. We give thanks for the skills of the staff who look after those being cared for in Dorset County Hospital, Weldmar Hospice and the care homes.  We pray for courage for the chaplains in their daily work. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda. 



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