Cycle of Prayer 27 November-3 December

Reading this week's prayers is Susie Coopey, Susie is the children's and families worker at St John's Weymouth.

To hear Susie read this week's prayers follow @DioceseofSalisbury.

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27 November

Loving God,

Thank you for St Ouen, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Ian Pallent. We pray for Revd Ian and his family, together with Sally Drayson Le Tissier, the Children's, Youth and Families Missioner in their ministry of making disciples in the Parish of St Ouën.


28 November

Creator God, 

Thank you for St Mary, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Kirsty Allan. Lord, we pray that we can be servant hearted people spreading your love and light and that in all that we do and say, our actions can be Christlike. We pray that as we bless others, they come to know more of you. May all who enter our church feel welcomed and included.  We ask that all parts of the community can work together so that our parish reflects a family made up of all generations. We may be the smallest parish on the island, but pray we can be known as the parish with a big heart, showering those in need of any kind with compassion and kindness. Build your kingdom here.   


29 November

Our Lord and our God, We pray for St John, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Beverley Sproats. We pray as St John’s seeks to share the love of God and serve the local community including the municipal parish and St. John’s Primary School. In our prayers for the global church we pray for the: Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: and the Rt Revd Isaac Dhieu Ater, Bishop of Akot in South Sudan.


30 November

Lord of all creation, Thank you Lord for St Lawrence: St Matthew, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Phil Warren. We pray for all who work hard, seen or unseen, to keep everything working smoothly.


1 December

Dear God, We pray today for St Brelade with St Aubin, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Mark Bond. We hold in prayer those who are beginning ministerial training, particularly Mark Harris who is in training for Licensed Lay Minister ministry in St Brelade.  We give thanks that God calls people to serve in the church in many and various ways and particularly those who have encountered the many visitors at St Brelade   We also give thanks for the 17 couples who have married this summer. We also ask your prayers for those from Africa and the Caribbean who have worked in St Brelade with St Aubin’s hospitality industry and will return home for our winter period.


2 December

God of all,

We pray today for St Helier, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Mike Keirle and James Porter. We give thanks for the recent 'LIFE exhibition' where 1600 Yr5&6 children from the island visited Town Church to explore Jesus. We Pray for: -those who have just completed the ’Growing on the Frontline’ course

- to grow like Jesus in their everyday contexts.

- the Warm Welcome initiative due to start this week for our community.


3 December

On today, the First Sunday of Advent We thank you Lord for St Andrew, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Mark Barrett. We pray for the church re-ordering work. The builders have started on site and will be there over the Christmas period. We pray your provision continues and for patience, unity and the fruit of the Spirit. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for The United Church of North India.


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