Cycle of Prayer: 6-12 November

Reading this week's prayers on social media is Judy Anderson. Judy is Associate Warden of Licensed Lay Ministers for the diocese, and a Lay Canon of Salisbury Cathedral.  Admitted and licensed as a Reader (LLM) in 1992, for the last 20 years she has ministered in the Nadder Valley Benefice, a large multi-parish rural benefice between Salisbury and Shaftesbury.  She lives with her cat Orlando and has surprised herself recently by finding that she actually enjoys gardening!

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6 November

Lord Thank you for Studley St John, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Alastair Wood. Licensed Lay Minister: Mike Bridges. We pray for the Chat Café drop in warm space every Monday and Wednesday, and for the upcoming All Souls service, we pray you bless those who are always giving comfort and space to connect and celebrate our loved ones. Amen 

7 November

God, We pray today for Canalside Benefice, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Joy Albone. Lay Worship Leaders: Stuart, and Shirley in training.  Lay Pastoral Assistants: Jack, Bev, Elizabeth, Sandie, Sarah, Di, Marjorie, Victoria, Stuart, and Sandra in training. We pray for the Wardens and PCCs in this time of vacancy as they lead the parish in preparing for a new Rector. Please pray also for Joy, together with all our Lay Pastoral Assistant's and Lay Worship Leader’s including those in training, as they seek to lead worship in our four churches, and provide pastoral care for those in need in our communities.  At this time of remembering and Remembrance pray for all in our communities who have been bereaved in the last year. Thank you Lord for the attendees of: Staverton CE VC Primary School Semington St George's CE VC Primary School Hilperton CE VC Primary School


8 November

Our Lord and our God, We raise to you Trowbridge St James and Keevil, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Jake Eggertsen. Licensed Lay Minister Emeritus: Doreen White. We give our prayers for the ongoing Lay Pastoral Assistant course (led by Rev Jake Eggertsen and Barbara King) and the Remembrance Sunday service and Remembrance Parade (12 Nov) in Trowbridge would be much appreciated. Thank you for: Keevil CE VA Primary School In our prayers for Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: we pray for the Rt Revd John Abraham Nyari, Bishop of Yeri in South Sudan. 


9 November

Father God, We raise to you Trowbridge St Thomas and West Ashton, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Allan Coutts. Licensed Lay Ministers: Martyn Whittock, Angela Grist, Judy Wright. We pray for Allan and Janet as they begin their preparations for retirement next May, and for the congregations of St Thomas’, St John’s and Kingfisher Church planning for an interregnum and praying towards the selection of their next Incumbent. We pray your blessing upon: West Ashton CE VA Primary School Bellefield CE VC Primary and Nursery School 


10 November

Lord of all, In our prayers today we raise to you North Bradford on Avon and Villages, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Tessa Mann, Paul Batson, Tim Hawkings, Bernard Hughes. Children's and Families worker: Zoe Yeomans. Lord, we ask for your blessing on our church communities during the current Rector vacancy. Thank you for a spirit of goodwill, unity and hope at work as we look forward to a new season in our churches. We pray especially for the Discover Christ Church Project, the creative work in our wonderful schools and Forest Church. Thank you for all who use their gifts and energy in the shared ministry of our churches, especially in the vacancy. We give thanks for and pray for our Churchwardens, Lay Pastoral Asssitants's, Lay Worship Leaders,  Thrive Team, Administrator and Clergy. We ask for your blessing upon our Licensed Lay Minister, Rachel Pound as she prepares to move away. We pray for your blessing upon Bradford on Avon Christ Church CE VC Primary School Winsley CE VC Primary School


11 November

Creator God, We pray to you God for Bradford on Avon Holy Trinity, Westwood and Wingfield, Bradford Deanery and its Clergy: Joanna Abecassis, Sarah Jackson. We remember with thanksgiving not only those who lost their lives on our behalf in the two ‘World Wars’ and in wars since, but also those who have gone before us in the faith in the benefice. Please pray as we enter a period of vacancy in the new year. Thank you for Bradford on Avon St Laurence School


12 November

Jesus Christ, On today the Third Sunday before Advent we thank you for Calne Deanery and its Rural Dean: Jane Curtis. Assistant Rural Dean: Vacant. Lay Chair: Mary Simpkins. We remember in our prayers the ministers and congregations of the deanery as we continue to explore how we can all collaborate in creative and supportive ways. We pray too for encouragement and wisdom for those who will be taking the lead in discerning what the priorities which underline Making Jesus Known might mean for us here. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola 


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