Cycle of Prayer: 8-14 April

Reading this week's prayers is Will Triffitt. Will was appointed to the DBF as Digital Engagement Officer in 2023 working with the Comms Team and Vision Team to help share the vision of the diocese. Outside of work he enjoys beach walks with an ice cream or hot chocolate, and supporting Bradford City.

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8 April

Our Lord and Our God, 

As we reflect upon the Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

We pray for Salisbury St Martin, Salisbury Deanery and its Clergy: David Fisher. We pray for St. Martin’s School as it begins its new journey of faith as part of the Diocesan Multi Academy Trust, we pray the school continues to be blessed by the Grace of God. 

Thank you for the staff and students at Sarum St Martin's CE VA Primary School and Bishop Wordsworth's School 


9 April


Thank you for Salisbury St Thomas and St Edmund, Salisbury Deanery and its Clergy Kelvin Inglis and Selina Deacon. Licensed Lay Minister: Sara Whitmarsh. We give thanks for the ways in which St Thomas' embodies Christ's love and mercy to all who visit. We pray for a renewed discernment of God’s plan for St Thomas’ in its distinctive witness and ministry in the city centre - inclusive and joyful, compassionate and generous, traditional and prophetic. 

In your name,


10 April


Thank you for Salisbury St Mark and Laverstock St Andrew, Salisbury Deanery and its Clergy: Andy Bousfield. 

We pray for St Andrew – praying for wisdom and direction for a replacement boiler as well as implementing our new vision St Mark – refurbishing the hall to be more suited for outreach in the community.

Thank you for all those who attend: 

Sarum St Mark's CE VC Junior School 

Laverstock St Andrew's CE VA Primary School 

Wyvern St Edmund's Academy.

In our prayers for the Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: We pray for the The Most Revd Justin Badi Arama, Archbishop and Primate of the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Bishop of Juba.


11 April

Lord Jesus, 

We ask for your blessing upon Salisbury & District Hospital & Hospice, Fountain Way Hospital and New Hall Hospital and its Chaplains: Frances Canham, Selina Deacon, Jeremy Ames, Tony Monds. 

Thank you for all those who continue to pray for the Ecumenical Team at the hospice and hospitals. 

We pray for your will to be done when there are concerns with Staff shortages and budgets across the Trust, we pray your peace will be with us all. 


12 April

Our Father, 

Thank you for St Nicholas Hospital and its Clergy: Caroline Baston, Anne Faulkner, David Walters. We give thanks for the Trustees and pray for the newly elected chair Canon Tony Monds. We pray the spiritual ethos of this place continues to be deepened and strengthened. 


13 April

Today we pray for Sarum College and its Principal: James Woodward and Dean of Ministry: Paul Burden. 

We pray you guide the students for ministry, MA courses and Spiritual Direction who all stay at college this week. We pray for all those studying and staying in the college, we also pray for all the staff. 


14 April

On today, the Third Sunday of Easter 

We pray for Alderbury Deanery, Assistant Rural Dean: Jane Dunlop and Lay Chair: Debbie McIsaac. We pray for appointment of the post of Rural Dean, that God would guide the right person to apply. We give thanks for the Clergy and Lay leaders in the Deanery and to all those who serve the churches in any capacity. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia


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