Cycle of Prayer:4-10 December

Reading this week's prayers is Simon Evans.Simon is the Vicar of Ensbury Park in North Bournemouth, and Lead Chaplain to Dorset Police.

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4 Dec

God of all, We pray today for St Mark, Jersey Deanery and for Licensed Lay Minister: Peter Clayton. We pray for all that are working hard to keep everything going during the current vacancy. May they be filled with your spirit, in Jesus’ name


5 Dec

Lord, today we pray for All Saints: St Simon, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: David Grantham. We pray that all who come to All Saints will grow deeper in faith and grow in giftings, especially healing, that they may meet the needs of a community with many needs.  We pray that All Saints will be a light in the darkness and a place where people feel safe to come and encounter Jesus.  We ask that all may hear and obey Gods plans for this church family.


6 Dec

Lord God, We pray today for your blessing upon St Paul, Jersey Deanery and its minister, Paul Brooks. We pray for the seasonal ministry offered by the parish, including several schools using our building and our services for all, that the light of Christ would be shone as we "Journey to Bethlehem” this Christmas. We pray too for the church congregation as they seek a new lay Pastoral minister. In our prayers for the Episcopal Churches of South Sudan and Sudan: we pray for the Rt Revd Joseph Yoal Yol, Bishop of Akobo in South Sudan. 


7 Dec

Lord God 

Thank you for St Clement, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: David Shaw, Tracy Bromley and Martin Dryden. We give prayers and thanks for the regular congregation at all the churhes who are asked to help with services at this busy time of year. We pray that the wider parish will respond to the invitations and feel part of the celebration this Christmas.  


8 Dec

Creator God,  We pray today for St Martin de Grouville, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Helen Gunton and Robin Dupre. We pray for Licensed Lay Ministers: Terry Noel and Linda Bois. We pray for the impact on the community over the Christmas period and that our ever growing ministry with children and families may receive your blessing and bear fruit. 


9 Dec

Loving God,  We pray your blessing upon St Martin Le Vieux, Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Pete Stone. We pray for the Christmas events and services : that Christ's light may shine in our community and that our welcome will help people feel intrigued to find out more about Jesus.  


10 Dec

On the Second Sunday of Advent,  We raise to you St Martin (Gouray), Jersey Deanery and its Clergy: Jeff Wattley, Geraldine Baudains, Mike Lange-Smith. We pray for licensed Lay Minister: Wendy Lange-Smith and Lay Pastoral Assistant Katie Dunn. We pray for the installation of the new Heated Pew Cushions for the Church, which will help the building to become both greener and more comfortable.   We pray the Gorey Little Fishes Toddler Group continues tito thrive. We thank you for your continued blessing on this and on our Sunday Children's groups. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: we pray for The Church of Pakistan (United) 


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