#SalisburysGotTalent: Challenge the whole school

Dan Hunwick, Headteacher of Puddletown First School, was present at the inauguration of Bishop Stephen, meaning he was gifted £10 as part of #SalisburysGotTalent. In fact, he got his whole school to join with him in multiplying his talent. 

The £10 challenge was the focus for during collective worship at the school, in which Dan explained Bishop Stephen's sermon. Dan then gave charge of the £10 to the children, and asked them to decide in their classes how they could best grow it and use it. Creativity flowed, and each class had their own ideas to contribute - ranging from cake sales to Ebay investments! 

The 'winning' idea came from the Year 1 class who wanted their project to reflect the cycle element within the school curriculum – they wanted to ensure that the gift would still have an impact beyond the finite period of something such as a cake sale. Below is what was shared with the school community: 

When Ally, the Year 1 teacher, went to buy the seeds, the lady behind her in the queue was interested in why she was buying so many seeds. When Ally explained, the lady expressed her surprise that £10 had been given to every single person present at the inauguration. 

Their conversation caught the attention of the cashier, who then called over her supervisor. He not only paid for the seeds himself, but also provided the pots. On leaving the garden centre, Ally had not spent the £10, and somehow left 6p richer! 

Ally remarked that at a time when the news is so grim, those at the garden centre shared a positive and joyful moment of togetherness, reminding us that there is good in the world, and in people. 

Upon running the sale, the £10 is multiplied to £84.24. Puddletown First School has decided to gift this to a local hospice who cared for a parent of the school who sadly died last month after a long illness. 

The original £10 talent story is here. 

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