School Celebrates 'Healthy Eating Week' With Multi-Cultural Menus!

This week, Westbury Leigh Church of England Primary School has been learning about the importance of healthy eating as part of a national 'Healthy Schools week' initiative to promote healthy eating. 

The school has embraced the theme of ‘everyone together’ by devising a menu featuring favourite dishes from across the world, showcasing the many cultures within the school. 

Mrs Debbie Grimsey Head teacher explains: “food is an inspiring vehicle for learning and is incorporated into the curriculum in many subjects such as History - learning about the types of food people used to eat e.g Anglo Saxons. We learn about climate and the conditions needed to grow food and we learn about where food comes from and consider the impact of food miles. Children get to prepare their own food in DT and learn how their bodies process food in Science – they love learning about this and are passionate about helping to conserve our planet as well as staying healthy.” 

Children in Year 1/2 helped Mrs Plows, the Love Leigh Diner Catering Manager to develop a truly original menu for the week. Mrs Plows said: “I really enjoy working directly with the children, listening to their ideas. Encouraging interest in healthy eating is essential and is so important as it helps children maintain concentration and energy levels as well as supporting children’s growth and development for the future. All our meals are made here at school from local produce and suppliers. I enjoy getting children to try new foods which will tickle their taste buds!” 

Talking about the menu, Noa from Reception Class said: "I liked the Baboti. It was like sweet lasagna but I wasn’t sure about the topping.’ Issy also from Reception said ‘I really liked the Piri Piri Chicken it tasted like chicken with curry on it.’  

Ms Anna Stevenson, who organised the week with Mrs Helen Plows said, “We really try to promote healthy lifestyles as part of our PSHE curriculum so it is great when our catering team are able to support this and inspire children to eat things they might not normally come across. The children were really proud to share their culture as part of this.” 

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