#StainedGlassSummer: join in on social media

Use the summer sun to show off your local church’s stained-glass windows, that’s the encouragement of the national #StainedGlassSummer campaign that started last week (1 July).

The sunnier summer months lend to showing the colourful designs in the windows in all their glory, so grab your phone or camera and get snapping or filming and sharing on your social channels for all to see.

There are some fantastic stained-glass windows in the diocese that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, telling the stories of the Gospels or the saints that have been and gone. But some are very new or in the process of being installed.

The campaign is running throughout July and August and is a great way to encourage people to visit your local church building.

To encourage people to visit your local church building, whether they are churchgoers or not, share a picture or video of one of your stained glass windows, with some text to explain it, on your preferred social media channel(s). 

Make sure to use the hashtag #StainedGlassSummer and add @DioSalisbury to your post for us to be able to share it even further.

You can find out more details and helpful tips on the Church of England website.

You could also create your own stained glass window! Watch this video to find out how:

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