The Bishop’s PA, Mel Davies, to be running this year’s London Marathon

The Bishop’s PA, Mel Davies, will be running in this year’s London Marathon on Sunday 23 April in support of Salisbury's Salvation Army.  

We asked Mel why she had decided to undertake her  first ever marathon. 

"How blessed we are… we have the food to fuel, the health to run, the warmth to sleep. How would it feel to be without food, be in poor health and have no place to sleep?  Sadly, this is a reality for too many. 

"To mark my half century, I want to challenge myself both physically and mentally to achieve a challenging personal goal. As I slowly and eagerly tread the training miles, my mind moves to a place of gratitude; I am running towards a place, I don’t know where it is or what is there for me, but it is a soul searching adventure.  

"The work and the faith of The Salvation Army is truly inspiring, and in Salisbury we must give thanks for all they are and all that they do, both locally and nationally. Please join me and help to support them.  

"Some of the local projects at the Salisbury Division of the Salvation Army which will benefit from my efforts (and your support!) are: Parent Pit-Stop, Re-Cycles, Charity Shop and Drop-in, Addiction and Careers support, the Foodbank connection and Welfare support.   

"If you do wish to pop in to support their many projects and services at Salt Lane, Capt. Martin Davison and his team would be delighted to meet you. You can find more information about the Salisbury branch of the Salvation Army here

"Anything you can donate to my JustGiving page will be most gratefully received, and you can follow my training on Strava through the link on their website. I thank you all in advance, and can't wait to hit the roads of London! 

My mind flashes between images of Jo Pavey and Forrest Gump – anything is possible… Run Mel, Run!"  

You can find Mel’s London Marathon JustGiving page here, along with more details of her training, motivations and how to donate. 

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