Churches Together (ecumenical work)

The Christian Church is a fellowship of many churches, which exist in different countries and in different communities, and which are governed by different laws and customs. This variety should be considered not as a disadvantage but as a source of great riches on account of which the Church is strengthened and multiplied.

Churches Together in England is a national ecumenical organisation, who supports and encourages churches in Britain and Ireland to work in partnership with one another.

Churches are drawn from the Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Orthodox and Lutheran traditions, as well as Free Churches, Quakers and others.

The churches, as already stated, are urged to pursue, in common witness and consultation, the following objectives:

• facilitating common witness to the Christian religion by the churches

• providing means of consultation between the churches

• working in co-operation with other ecumenical bodies.

For more information contact Churches Together in Dorset or Churches Together Wiltshire.

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