Parish Finance

Here you'll find the resources and links to guides relating to the annual budget, Share and Share counts, and parochial fees. The Parish Support Team are always able to help so do contact the team (via the 'Get in Touch' button at the bottom of this page) should you have a query about any of the finance forms or information.

Budget Guide

Every year, the Diocese prepares an annual budget for approval by Diocesan Synod, and here you will find the guides setting out the details of the most recently approved budgets. 





How do we spend our money? A one page poster showing how the diocese's income is spent, including parish share, is available to download here.

Fairer Share Guides

The aim of the below guides is to share with parishes how, together as a Diocese,  generous giving (collected as Fairer Share) is used to fund our parish ministry.

2021 guide for Parishes 

2021 guide for Treasurers 

Fairer Share Data

These Reports will be published here soon, so please check back. 

Financial data on the Fairer Share contributions and requests: 

Annual Share allocation 

Monthly Reports 

Fairer Share Review

The Fairer Share Review was announced in 2020 by Bishop's Council and the Diocesan Synod, however the review was then disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.
The review got underway again in early 2022, and below you will find the Core Principle document, further guidance documents as well as planned timelines. 

Exploring Options Survey Digest and next steps (Issued October 2022)

2022 Share Review Archdeaconry Focus Groups discussions outcomes

2022 Fairer Share Survey Digest and next steps

2022 Fairer Share survey Diocesan Synod

2022 Fairer Share Review Exploring options

2022 Fairer Share Exploring Options Survey (Online form)

2022 Fairer Share Exploring Options Survey (Offline copy if unable to complete digitally)

2021 Parish Share Consultation Core Principles

Fairer Share Count

Below you will find the guide and form that sets out the principles for calculating Share for 2023, with a 30th June 2022 submission date. Information about Share allocation will be published under 'Fairer Share Data' above. 

2023 Fairer Share Information Guide

2023 Parish Count Affluence 

Resources for PCCs

The Parish Resources website has all sorts of useful information to help a PCC conduct its business: 

The PCC as a Charity - Resources to help you - Parish Resources 

Resources for Treasurers 

The Parish Resources website offers all kinds of help and resources for Treasurers on a whole variety of topics: 

Parish Finance - Parish Resources  

Parochial Fees

Guides and forms for submission of Parochial Fees: 


2023 Table of Parochial Fees

2023 Parochial Fees Form Quarters 1 and 2 and 2023 Parochial Fees Form Quarters 3 and 4 please email the Finance team on for the form in Libre Office format)

2022 Parochial Fees Form

2022 Parochial Fees Form Vacancy

2022 Bishops Guidelines Parochial Fees

2021 Parochial Fees Form

2021 Parochial Fees Form Vacancy

2021 Bishops Guidelines Parochial Fees

Accounting systems for treasurers to use

The diocese has provided Data Developments as a funded accounting package for parishes to use. This presentation gives an overview of Data Developments.

For more information please contact the team via the 'Get in Touch' button below.


Follow this link to find how to claim VAT back on repairs etc:  

Listed Places of Worship - Home page ( 

DBF Financial Times

Financial Times is a monthly financial update from our Diocesan Giving Advisor, Anna Hardy and Head of Finance and Asset Management. Subscribe or read archived issues here.

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