Voluntary Aided (VA) school estate

Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) is the responsible body for all VA schools and receives funding from the Secretary of State each year (1 April to 31 March) for capital expenditure purposes only.

There are two capital grants:

  1. School Condition Allocations (SCA) – a single grant which includes for all VA schools that fall under SDBE’s funding responsibility.  On an annual basis, each VA school has an opportunity to bid for SCA funding for capital works.
  2. Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) – an individual grant for each VA school that can be applied for throughout the year for schools to use for their individual priorities.
School Condition Allocations
School Condition Allocations (SCAs) can be used for the purposes of maintaining and improving VA schools, prioritising keeping school buildings safe and in good working order by tackling poor building condition, building compliance, energy efficiency and health and safety issues. The following downloads are being updated by the Buildings and Finance Team but do contact us if you need any paperwork or other support imminently.
• SCA Application Form – coming soon
• SCA Application Form (additional costs) – coming soon.
Devolved Formula Capital

Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) can be used to address the individual school priorities, such as improvements to building and other facilities, including ICT or capital repairs/refurbishment and minor works. DFC can also be used as a contribution to a larger project, for example a project for which the major source of funding is SCA.

You are able to find out your DFC statement from the microsite. Please note the logon and password is case sensitive and needs to be entered as provided. If you require login details, please contact us and we’ll help with that. Once you have logged in, the top menu boxes provide access to the DFC statement and details of any previous DFC projects. Please note that all figures on the Microsite are 100% figures i.e. the Board of Education only receives 90% funding and Governing Bodies need to contribute 10% to all capital projects. Please send completed DFC Application Form by e-mail to sue.topp@salisbury.anglican.org

Architects and/or surveyors
SDBE has nominated an architect/surveyor for each VA school providing advice and guidance regarding all capital works and bid submission. Please contact us if you are unsure of your nominated architect/surveyor. You may receive a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ - this is guidance on Services provided by the Diocesan School Surveyor/Architect. Advice has been produced by the DfE for schools and responsible bodies to help manage their school buildings and land, which can be found here Good estate management for schools - Guidance - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Main contacts for further support

Olivia Evans

Schools Estate Manager 

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Sue Topp

Buildings & Finance Assistant

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