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Home Schools Critical Incident Helpline and Guidance during Physical Distancing

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Critical Incident Helpline and Guidance during Physical Distancing

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Sep, 2021 10:53 PM
'As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you'- Isaiah 66:13
  • The sudden death of your headteacher, member of staff or a child
  • A community disaster
  • The destruction of your school building

The following numbers are for you to use at a time of crisis;

Critical Incident numbers

During office hours please contact  01722 744538;
Outside of office hours please email and or phone your DBE adviser, who will respond as soon as they are back at their desk.

The number can be used by a school staff member, governor, member of the clergy or officer of the church. We can give strategic and operational support and advice, including arranging to be with you rapidly and liaison with press and police.

If your school and parish are facing challenge and sorrow which you would not consider to be an immediate critical incident, please know that we would want to equally support you. We have trained and experienced staff who can offer support and advice, please contact the day time number above and we will make sure a member of staff is in touch with you. The buttons below link to information pages that may also help you.

We will walk alongside you when you need us.

For bereavement advice or general enquiries, the resources below will help you.


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