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by Michael Ford last modified 08 Aug, 2019 04:45 PM

Our regular publications are all online, sharing stories of Renewing Hope - Praying, Serving and Growing - across the Diocese of Salisbury.

Our content is mainly drawn from parish, school and community life, and highlights our ongoing ministry, mission, and commitment to always be a thriving Christian presence in Dorset, most of Wiltshire, and bits of Devon and Hampshire.

We're always open to receiving your news and pictures - to email us or ring 01722 438652.

New Grapevine Header

Along with its social media links, our weekly Grapevine is our most important channel when it comes to reaching out and engaging with audiences across the Diocese of Salisbury and wider afield.

Coming out every Wednesday (except school holidays) this easily readable e-newspaper communicates our widening vision of Renewing Hope - Pray Serve Grow through example and message.

Our Grapevine has an easy-to-access and inviting contemporary format that we know you enjoy, as we have seen a doubling of engagement in our stories, features and accompanying podcasts and video links.

Through sharing our stories from our Parishes, our Schools and all those involved in our ministry and mission we provide a snapshot of what’s going on in and around our Diocese. And by continuing to share these stories of Renewing Hope we encourage both peer to peer and inspirational learning across our Diocese.

But as well as stories, there is also our popular What’s On section, details of all our courses that offer both training and learning opportunities and there is news from our Cathedral and Sarum College.

We start each month with a letter from our Bishops or Cathedral Dean and end it with a feature article or two on praying, serving and growing in our Diocese.

At its heart our Grapevine is about deepening discipleship, nurturing vocations, sustaining ministry and engaging and serving our young people and children. Our content is therefore for everyone and so Parish and Community Magazines, along with local Media are actively encouraged to take up this communication and share it wider whenever they like.

Subscribe here;

Photos and stories can be downloaded here.


On the Vine Header

Our Weekly Grapevine is linked with the popular “on-the-vine” link that carries our podcasts, videos and longer interviews from around our Diocese that are designed to entertain, educate and inform their audiences.

Through our Podcast conversations we explore issues of faith, of theology and today’s ministry and mission here in the Diocese of Salisbury.

Our videos document life in the Diocese and provide learning opportunities for mission as well as accessible and imaginative resources, linked to prayer and to encourage a deeper reflection on faith and life which is crucial to growing our churches.

Just like Grapevine, On-the Vine encourages discipleship, it nurtures vocations, it sustains ministry and it engages everyone across our Diocese from our young people and children to the oldest in our congregations.

Therefore all the content can be downloaded and shared in your parish, at PC meetings or with your wider congregation. The shortlink is


Working Together Header

This new internal monthly e-format communication brings information to our ministry teams, our church officers and all those involved closely in the mission of the Diocese of Salisbury.

From Budget and Strategy, through to Safeguarding and CMD, this communicates our vision and practical resourcing for our Renewing Hope - Pray Serve Grow programme.

Because people want to share, talk, think and learn, Working Together provides accessible, imaginative and innovative resources for parishes, supports and resources those in ministry and communicates our priorities and values, resourcing them to pass this on.

This allows us to travel light but go local. It helps us to deepen spirituality and learn on the road. It also draws new ministers, school teams and laity into an understanding of our story and vision.


Social Media Header

Facebook is still the biggest social media platform used by our parishes and their congregations as well as us. So we re-post their stories as well as post a lot of our own and some from the wider Church of England. We also use Facebook to post our top stories from Grapevine during the week.

Sharing our stories this way encourages best practice, and allows us to get some feedback from you.

We have begun to develop shareable content during Lent and Advent - watch this space.

We have also set up some groups that you might like to join so go to our Facebook page (click here) and check us out.

You can also catch up with us on Twitter, Schools Twitter and Instagram.

Click here for all our channels

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