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Meet the Team

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Apr, 2022 09:12 AM

Your Comms Team is:

Amber has operated in the faith-based, digital communications industry for Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO) and multiple Diocese, across a range of disciplines including graphic design, social media management and video production. Projects have included the 2017 'Thy Kingdom Come' video series and social media training.

Grace entered the world of comms in her first job after university, where she studied languages. She has spent her career so far soaking up knowledge in order to communicate and engage with audiences in the best way possible. She says: "I am a champion of clear communication, and love being able to share stories that celebrate God at work, or bring people together."

Email the comms team at 

Member of Bishop's Staff responsible for Communications:

Based at the Sherborne Office, Dairy Barn, Ash Farm Courtyard, Stourpaine DT11 8PW.

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