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Nineteen New Revs

by glynch — last modified 02 Jul, 2018 01:36 AM

Twelve priests ordained and seven deacons made for parishes and benefices across Wilts and Dorset

Twelve new priests and seven new deacons, serving in parishes across Dorset and Wiltshire from Canford Cliffs to Royal Wootton Bassett, were ordained at Salisbury Cathedral over the weekend of Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July. They are part of a contingent of hundreds of new clergy being ordained across the Church of England this summer.

Full list below

Bishops Nicholas and Karen, and the Acting Dean of Salisbury, the Revd Canon Ed Probert, were all present at both services.

Ordinations 2018 New Priests.jpg

Our new priests with Bishop Nicholas and Bishop Karen.

Ordinations 2018 New Deacons.jpg

Our new deacons with Bishop Nicholas and Bishop Karen.

Over a hundred photographs capturing the atmosphere of both services can be viewed on Flickr (here - no sign in required) and Facebook (here).

Ordinations 2018 Ruth Wells.jpgThe Revd Ruth Wells’ first year in holy orders was more eventful than most – she had a baby son, Etienne, in December. Having served a year as a deacon in St Mary’s, West Moors, she was ordained a priest on Sunday.

The Revd Ruth Wells said, “I thought having a baby in my deacon’s year might be a problem. It has proven to be a gift, opening many doors.

“When facilitating our baby-and-toddler group, for example, I support and am supported by others in a unique way. Also, people whose grandchildren live far away get tremendous joy from holding him at church while I lead worship.

“Once I led all-age worship with him in a sling, and people commented on how beautiful it was.

“For me, priesthood is about becoming whom God calls us to be, not fitting a mould.”

Ordinations 2018 Oliver Blease.jpgThe Revd Oliver Blease, the new deacon at St Bartholomew’s, Royal Wootton Bassett has moved to the area from the North West, after training at Oxford, to take up his first post as an ordained minister.

The Revd Oliver Blease said, “Having worked in a lay role in a church previously, I am very excited to be going back into parish ministry in a new role. I am looking forward to getting to know people and walking alongside them.

“For me, being present and offering prayer during the joys and the sorrows of peoples’ lives is a real privilege. This is about offering a reminder that Christ is already there, already knows and loves people. I am very passionate about the pastoral side of ministry.

“I am also keen to act as a bridge between the church and those who do not feel it is a place ‘for them’. Jesus extends the arms of love to all people, and I want to help the church engage with the wider community, including young people.

“Finally, I will try desperately to keep from outgrowing my cassock – I have already experienced the very generous hospitality of the parishioners and it seems there is always a lot of excellent cake on offer!”

Ordinations 2018 Karen Wilson.jpgAnother person coming from another part of the country is the Revd Karen Wilson, who has moved from Essex to be the new deacon in the Okeford Benefice, which covers five village churches in the Blackmore Vale.

The Revd Karen Wilson said, “I have always felt God was calling me to rural ministry and service in farming communities.

“I’m looking forward to finding out what God has in store for me in such a new area, and learning about these five very different villages.

“There is lots of new housing in the area, and I’m especially looking forward to engaging with the many young families moving into the area.

Ordinations 2018 David Perry.jpgThe Revd David Perry, on the other hand, will continue to live in his South Wilts home and work at his day job as an airline pilot for Thomas Cook, while also serving as a deacon in the Clarendon Team, which consists of eight village churches east of Salisbury, around Alderbury and Whiteparish.

The Revd David Perry said, “For a long time I resisted any though that God might be calling me to ministry. Now, it feels just the right thing to have done. Clergy who remain in secular employment face some unique challenges, but also get some unique opportunities, which I’m looking forward to.

“I studied science at university and worked as a science teacher before I was a pilot, which is a job where we must constantly review and act on evidence. So one of my passions is to show how intellectually credible the Christian faith is, and in keeping with science and logic.

“Most of all, I am looking forward to getting to know the people of the villages in the Clarendon Team and walking alongside them.”

Ordinations 2018 Melanie Otto.jpgWith plenty of experience as a deacon already under her belt as a deacon, the Revd Melanie Otto, is now a priest, and will continue to work in the White Horse Benefice, which covers four churches in Westbury and Dilton Marsh.

The Revd Melanie Otto said, “The best bit of ministry so far has been coming alongside people at the important moments of their lives. You get a real sense of being God’s presence with them. Our job is to take the church out into the world, and people’s needs to the Church. It’s a huge privilege.

“I’ve particularly enjoyed being involved in the school, coming alongside the children at assemblies. I share Bible stories and bring along my guitar too – it’s lots of fun.

“I have a sense that God is continuing to lead me into becoming the person he wants me to be.”

Ordinations 2018 Darren Dalton.jpgA new deacon coming back to his native county after training at Oxford is the Revd Darren Dalton, originally from Weymouth, and now the new deacon at St Andrew’s, Kinson, and St Philip’s, West Howe, in North Bournemouth.

The Revd Darren Dalton said, “I have a real passion for community and bringing the Church alongside public services like the police, Sure Start and the NHS to improve neighbourhoods and lives. At this time of great uncertainty in our country and around the world, it is a privilege to help people come together for the common good.

“I am also looking forward to seeing how God is going to use me in ministry with my spontaneous sense of humour and passion for my geeky hobbies. I am hoping, among other things, to see the church have a stall at the biggest comics convention in England!”

Ordinations 2018 Sue Hart.jpgAnother experienced deacon who has now been ordained a priest is the Revd Sue Hart, who serves in the River Were Benefice, which covers three churches in and around Warminster, including St Denys the Minster.

The Revd Sue Hart said, “Getting to know people is the best bit of ministry; it’s not about fancy things, but being slowed into people’s lives at very intimate moments, and sharing the rhythm of celebration and mourning with them.

“Our society is very driven by results, but as a clergyperson I’ve found a lot of the really good stuff takes place when you either think nothing has taken place or that things have gone wrong.

“We are called to be present and really love people just as they are. I find people are exciting, fascinating, and unique.”

Full list

New priests ordained at Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday 30 June 2018 by the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury

Jean Audibert (Creekmoor)
Hilary Rowena Bond (The Lytchetts and Upton)
Sue Clare Hart (River Were Benefice, Warminster)
James Holden (Ludgershall and Faberstown)
Stéphane Javelle (Salisbury Plain Benefice)
Matt Levinsohn (Salisbury St Francis)
Kevin Martin (Shaftesbury Team)
Lewis Nicholas Pearson (Poole St James)
Neil Matthew John Robertson (Blandford Forum and Langton Long)
Sarah Caroline Titley (Wilton with Netherhampton and Fugglestone)
Ruth Mary Wells (West Moors)
Melanie Vishiani Otto (White Horse Benefice)

New deacons made at Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday 1 July 2018 by the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury

Oliver Robert Blease (Royal Wootton Bassett)
Heather Gay Brearey (Amesbury)
Darren Dean Dalton (Kinson and West Howe)
Matt Thomas Lee (Wimborne St John)
Thomas John Pelham (Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks)
David Perry (Clarendon Team Ministry)
Karen Amanda Wilson (Okeford Benefice)

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