Renowned Scholar Arrives

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People interested in finding out more about the Christian faith have a unique opportunity to hear one of the foremost biblical scholars of this generation when he visits the Diocese of Salisbury this week.

Renowned Scholar Arrives

Professor NT (Tom) Wright

Professor NT (Tom) Wright, former Bishop of Durham, is delivering the 2011 Sarum Theological Lectures at Salisbury Cathedral on “Why We've All Misread the Gospels: Kingdom and Politics Then and Now”.

There are lectures at 7pm on each of Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 May. He is giving a lunchtime lecture on the same topic at St Mary’s Church, Marlborough on Tuesday 10 May (12.30pm).

He argues that there is a problem with traditional interpretations of the four New Testament gospels (accounts of the life and times of Jesus): with either the ‘supernatural’, or the ‘doing good’ aspects emphasised, but not both.

Professor Wright says: "In the first case, it's a puzzle as to why the gospels include all that other material; in the second, the puzzle is why his promising career as a social reformer was cut short so soon.”

He will outline a solution and suggest some practical ways to apply a fresh reading of the gospels.



About NT Wright
NT (Tom) Wright, former Bishop of Durham, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Andrews University. He is the author of more than 50 books, including The Resurrection of the Son of God (2003) and most recently Virtue Reborn (2010), and is a frequent broadcaster on radio and TV.
Tom Wright contributes to Fulcrum, "a network of evangelical Anglicans, seeking to renew the centre of the evangelical tradition and the centre of Anglicanism, acting as a point of balance within the Church of England." His contribution to Fulcrum on Virtue Reborn (2010) can be found here.
Read an article about his farewell from the Diocese of Durham where he was bishop until August 2010.

About the Sarum Theological Lectures
These are an annual event, organised by Sarum College, Salisbury.
From the Sarum College website: “The annual Sarum Theological Lectures are designed to make accessible to a wide audience the work of specialists in a variety of fields in the study of theology. They are subsequently published by Darton, Longman & Todd.”

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