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Our Diocesan Environment Policy

 Download it here

 Parish Resources

There are subsidised discounts on LED Lighting here.

Eco Church

On Wednesday 16 November 2016, Bishop Nicholas formally launched Eco Church in this diocese.

Eco Church is a nationally developed web-based survey and award scheme which looks at a church’s green ‘credentials’ in five areas: Worship and Teaching, Buildings, Land, Community engagement and Lifestyle. It reaches into all areas of church life and assists Christian teaching to be relevant to society but particularly to the younger generation.

You can complete a simple online survey here and compare your church against the current criteria for a bronze, silver or gold award. See what it takes to reach a higher level!

Big Church Switch

Click here for our page.


Current campaigns:


We share most resources with the other dioceses in the South West and they can be found at:

The SW dioceses’ eco-website is ecochurchsouthwest.org.uk.
We have a public group on Facebook.

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