Ministry to the Deaf community

One in six people are deaf or have some hearing loss and we want to make sure everyone is included in our Churches. One in a thousand people have more severe Deafness and use British Sign language (BSL) as their language of choice.

Meet the Diocesan Chaplain to the Deaf Community

Hello. My name is Neil Robinson. As an ordained Church of England priest, it is my pleasure to have an opportunity to minister to your needs as deaf or hard-of-hearing people. I am a profoundly deaf BSL user so I am able to communicate with anyone. I am happily married to Helen, who is also profoundly deaf. We both use cochlear implant processors. From time to time, you may need someone to pray for you about certain situations you are experiencing. It is important that you should go to hospital if you are seriously ill or in need of urgent medical assistance.

If there is a need for a funeral service or baptism service in BSL, please contact me. I will go and assist you in any way I can, regardless of time or location. It may take you a while to get to know me better. If you fancy a chance to meet me, I would love to get to know you.

Guidelines to familiarise yourself with how to engage with people with various levels of hearing loss in a church setting
Approximately 9 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss and sadly, many services remain inaccessible to deaf people.
As our communities continue to grow, Revd Neil Robinson, Chaplain to the Deaf Community, has recently published new guidelines to “help familiarise yourself with how to engage with people with various levels of hearing loss within the church setting” and how to “be aware of their needs in terms of communication”.
This resource is for all members of the congregation, lay people and clergy. Please further and strengthen your skills of communication for all and read the document here.
Weddings , Funerals and Baptisms
We are keen to ensure Deaf people have access to Church of England Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms in our diocese. Various services can be offered in British Sign Language (BSL) or other methods of communication to meet everyone’s needs. To secure an interpreter, please contact The Revd Neil Robinson, Minster to the Deaf.
Your Local Church & School
We want to make sure every church is inclusive. Not only does it open the riches of the Christian Faith to Deaf people, but the use of Sign Language enhances worship, and the presence of the Deaf community enriches the Church. We can also help schools explore the Bible and faith in Sign Language.
Q: What is Deaf Chaplaincy Service for?
A: It is being available for all people with various levels of hearing loss ranged from profound deaf with BSL to mild hearing loss, including people who are deafblind.
Q: What kind of chaplaincy does it offer?
A: Funeral service. Christening service. Wedding service. Pastoral Care. Confirmation classes. School Visit. Hospital visits. All is accessed by BSL. Interpreter is available if a hearing family needs one. Deaf Awareness course is available for hearing people.
Q: What is the Deaf Chaplaincy’s motto?
A: The presence of a Deaf chaplain inspires each individual’s heart, soul and mind.
Q: What is the contact detail for the Chaplain to the Deaf Community?
A: My SMS number is 07717 055219 and my email address is

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Online Monthly Meeting - Visual Word Ministry

Visual Word Ministry is a place to hang out with each other and with God and is conducted in pure BSL with an English voice-over translation for hearing non-signers. We welcome hearing BSL users as well. It is vital that we learn together about God and the Bible. We will do our best to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of deafblind people as best as we can.

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Other Deaf Gatherings in or around Salisbury

Fortnightly Bible Study in BSL and coffee mornings.

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