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Archbishop of Canterbury Mission Weekend

Archbishop mission weekend 9-11 June.

Archbishop of Sudan evacuates Cathedral amid fighting

Five days of fierce fighting in Sudan have forced thousands of civilians to flee, including Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo, the Primate of the Episcopal Church, who evacuated 42 children sheltering in the Cathedral to walk to safety.   Ian Woodward, Chair of the Salisbury-Sudans Partnership explains what is happening in our link diocese...

Warm Spaces success

Yetminster and Hilfield was just one of the parishes who took part in last winter's Warm Spaces initiative, and who were able to take advantage of the National Church's grants towards costs.  

CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission Southwest Hub

At the start of April, the Southwest Hub (which the diocese is a part of) hosted their award ceremony for 20 graduates of The Church Mission Society Pioneer Mission course. 

2023 Easter Weekend round-up!

As the joys and celebrations of the Easter weekend come to a close, a look back at a selection of events, services, and Easter messages from across the diocese.

Easter Sunday sermon - Resurrection life is life without restrictions

Bishop Stephen's Easter Sunday address to Sherborne Abbey on living life with no restrictions, in the light of the Resurrection.

A look around the diocese this week

Lent and Easter is a vital part of our Christian calendar, celebrated and observed world-wide As such, we’ve taken a look around our own diocese at some of the services and events of Holy Week. 

King Charles to give Maundy money to recipients from Dorchester and Salisbury

King Charles will give out his first Maundy money today to 74 men and 74 women, including two people from the Diocese of Salisbury who have made significant contributions to the lives of their communities and their churches. 

Bishop Stephen's Chrism Eucharist sermon at Salisbury Cathedral

Bishop Stephen preached at the Chrism Eucharist on Thursday of Holy Week, 6 April 2023, at Salisbury Cathedral. In his address for all clergy and licensed lay ministers in the diocese, he said: "If we but work together, if we live faithfully, if we share burdens, if we listen and if we love above anything else, then you, each one of you, is the oil of gladness." Read the full sermon on our website or watch it on the Salisbury Cathedral YouTube channel.

Holy Week reflections

This week in our Holy Week reflection series, we have been encouraged to remember the hope and reconciliation that is found in the image of the cross. We were also asked to think about what Holy Week is all about and which of the twelve disciples we best relate to. Watch them here.

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