Finance and Giving

The Finance, Asset Management and Giving Team manages the assets and finances of the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF), provides services to the local church and clergy in finance, stewardship, and property, and builds new income through fundraising innovation, glebe development and profit generation from the SDBF Building Consultancy Ltd.  

Antony MacRow-Wood

Director of Finance and Asset Management

Antony will lead the team and is responsible for the management, safeguarding and growth of DBF assets and finances in accordance with ecclesiastical, charity and company laws.


Working hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Olivia Otieno 

Management Accountant  

Olivia supports in the preparation of the DBF management accounts, the annual statutory accounts and preparation work for the auditors. Olivia is also responsible for the SDBF BC Ltd accounts, assisting parishes with parochial fee enquiries and the calculation and management of ordinand maintenance grants for those in full-time theological study.  


Mobile 07917 912199 

Working hours Monday - Friday

Pete Reynolds 

Systems Accountant 

Pete is responsible for the development of the accounting system, processes, and regular financial report production. Pete supports the team with a variety of accounting activities including banking, fairer share, and accounting analysis.  


Working hours Monday - Friday

Carolyn Cropp 

Accounts Administrator & Stipends Secretary  

Carolyn is responsible for overseeing the financial arrangements for clergy moving to or within the Diocese and for ongoing stipendiary and clergy grants arrangements or enquiries. Carolyn can assist with the payment of supplier invoices, clergy, and staff expenses and DBF staff payroll enquiries.  

Carolyn administers the Parish Giving Scheme and assists with registration, general enquiries, donor forms, leaflets, and tokens.


Mobile 07917 912199

Working hours Tuesday - Friday

Anna Hardy 

Giving Advisor  

Anna supports our churches across the Diocese to raise the funds we need for ministry and mission, and to preserve our church buildings, for future generations.  


Shared Email

Mobile 07500 831566 

Working hours Monday - Friday

Gemma Gibbard

Grants Officer 


Shared Email

Working hours Monday - Wednesday

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