Taking the first steps & Net Zero

First Steps towards a Sustainable, Creation Caring Church 

Build your team – who is eager to be involved in creation care? 

  • Volunteer to be the parish Eco Champion or identify and appoint someone. 
  • With the Eco Champion, identify one or two team members, if possible. 

Eco Champion suggestions 

  • Is there someone who likes networking and keeping in contact? Ask them to receive diocesan and national environmental newsletters and distribute them round the team, and relevant sections to the whole church. Sign up for the excellent national newsletters and occasional diocesan newsletters
  • What other links and relationships can this person make in your community, or nationally, or even internationally? 

Engage with Eco Church

  • The award scheme run by the Christian environmental charity A Rocha UK for churches. This is the diocese’s main tool to help churches care for creation.

Use the tools!

First Steps towards Net Zero Carbon (NZC) 

What does Net Zero Carbon mean?

  • In short it means reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can and off-setting (in some way) the remainder. 
  • What’s happening in the world? Download and read the IPCC report. 

What the Church of England has committed to do: 

  • Read the Church of England's 'Achieving the 2030 Goal'
  • General Synod voted in February 2020 for the whole of the Church of England to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.? The vote recognised that the global climate emergency is a crisis for God’s creation and a fundamental injustice. 
  • The Synod also asked for a plan to be made, setting out how to get to net zero carbon. That plan of action, called the Routemap, and was approved by General Synod for in July 2022. 

What the Diocese of Salisbury has committed to do: 

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