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by Michael Ford last modified 07 Aug, 2019 10:42 AM

If you are doing something to your church or its surroundings, does your proposal require a faculty?

On the 1st January 2016, the new simplified Faculty Jurisdiction Rules come into force, a full copy of which can be found here.

This means that there is a new national list of minor works, known as List A, which can be carried out on your church without a Faculty. 

This list replaces all ‘De Minimis’ or Diocesan led minor works schemes. The List A can be found in Schedule 1, Table 1 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015.

There is also a new national List B of works which can be carried out once the written permission of the Archdeacon has been obtained.  Most of these will be repairs and routine maintenance or small works identified in the QI report.  The Archdeacon must consult the DAC or appropriate DAC officer for advice before giving written permission.  The Archdeacon may also set conditions on the way the works are to be carried out.  The List B can be found Schedule 1, Table 2 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 or via this link (scroll down to list B).  Any permissions given under this scheme are then lodged with the DAC and the Registry for record keeping purposes.

As well as these works, the Chancellor has made an Additional Matters Order which applies to this Diocese only. The full text of the order can be found via this link.

A checklist for Application of for the Approval of Works under List B is available via this link. This includes the works in the Additional Matters Order.

All other works will require a faculty.  You should also take note of the list of matters specifically excluded from list A and list B under rule 3.5 of the Rules.

In all matters you should contact the DAC office in the first instance and the DAC secretary or assistant will be able to identify whether the works you wish to undertake are covered by List A, List B or faculty permission. The Archdeacon must deal with an authorised person in relation to List B matters.  An authorised person is defined as the Minister or Church Wardens as formal responsibility rests with them but in practice they may delegate the job of sorting the works to another PCC member such as a Fabrics officer.

Works to trees, other than those relating to felling of healthy trees or planting schemes no longer require permission from the Chancellor of the Diocese by way of a faculty but of course you would need to seek the relevant permissions from the Local Authority having due regard to any conservation area or TPO.  We suggest you read the Tree Guidance provided by Church Care, available on their website, under the Guidance Notes.

Sue de Candole
Registrar, January 2016

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