A better understanding of Caring for God’s Creation?

This autumn we are running a course for Eco Champions in the diocese designed to equip and encourage ministry in the local church and community. This course will resource and inspire participants to help their church on a journey towards greater care and concern for God’s wonderful creation. 

The content will cover the theology, science and practical action aspects of caring for God’s creation. The programme consists of an opening session in person (on September 10), plus six Tuesday evening online sessions spread over the term. 

Each of the six evening will involve some pre-session online materials to work through, followed by Zoom sessions with a trainer, one of which will be David Morgan, Chair of our Diocesan Environmental Group. The cost is £30 per person (subsidised by a small grant from the diocese). The training will be done with fellow ‘Eco Champions’ in Winchester diocese as part of their Bishop’s Commission for Mission programme. 

A leaflet giving more information is available here

Students of the four previous courses have written: 

I appreciated the Creation Care programme enormously. 

It has helped me to understand more about the whole concepts of climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, 'Net Zero Carbon' and so much more and to express myself more clearly. It has given me confidence and knowledge in a clear accessible way. 

I feel I've learnt so much and it was so good to ground it all in the Christian aspect first. I need to keep coming back to that as it's very easy to be all 'doom and gloom' about where we are heading otherwise. 

I feel even more enthused to talk with people, share ideas and encourage actions. I feel the urge even more and it has increased my passion to do what I can in my lifetime. 

The course has given me a much better understanding and bigger picture of how our parish fits into the Diocese and wider church. 

The programme has helped me to have a framework for how to look at Creation Care from God's perspective and it has also helped me to see how other Christians are engaged in caring for God's Creation.   

A really good opportunity to learn with a biblical focus as well as real life information. 

Very encouraging to meet and share with people from other local churches who share a concern for the environment and are finding practical ways to make a difference. 

Useful to get better theological imperative for caring for our world and to hear experiences and ideas from others trying to promote environmental ideas in their church. 

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