Guide to getting started on social media

Before you create a new social media account, bear these three questions in mind: 

Which platforms should you use?

A quick google search for 'How many social media networks are there?' throws up a variety of answers from 25 - 99 - needless to say, there are plenty of options! Which of these should you embrace as a church? Consider:

1. What platforms are the community using?

Introducing a whole new platform to your community may be an uphill struggle. First, find out what your congregation and local community already use and consider starting here for maximum impact. 

2. How much time do I have?

It may be appealing to have a range of vibrant profiles to communicate with different sections of your community. However, if you don't have the time to keep them up, they may fall out of date, giving the wrong impression of your community. Start with one or two platforms, and go from here.

3. What do I hope to achieve?

Reaching out to families, championing local charities, or supporting those shielding at home - choose your goals and find a platform that will serve this purpose.

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