Grant-giving bodies

Grants from all sorts of different organisations can be a blessing when trying to find funds for projects.

However, grant providers may have restrictions on the types of projects they will fund. For example, some grant providers will only provide grants for historical, heritage, or special artistic or architectural projects. Therefore, it is important to read the grant provider’s guide or terms before applying so that you know whether your church qualifies for a particular grant.

If you are looking for funding to pursue a project, below is a list of organisations that may be able to help. 

Grant Body

Idlewild Trust: Conservation Grants (Up to £5,000)

Leche Trust  (£500-£5,000)

William and Jane Morris Fund (£500-£5,000)

Pilgrim Trust and Ratcliffe Trust (CBC) (£500-£10,000)

Guide for funding on Parish Resources website

Community Energy England funding list

CIBSE Buildings Services Engineer

Low Carbon Dorset (Technical support and grants)

National Churches Trust (£500-£5,000 grants)

Places of Worship: protective security funding scheme – on the UK Government website (Funding for churches who have been victims of hate crime)

Listed Places of Worship

Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust

Dorset Historic Churches Trust

Historic England Grants

Erskine Muton Trust (Grants up to £10,000)

*This list is for information purposes only and should not be considered exhaustive. The Buildings Team does not necessarily endorse any of the organisations on the list. Please see individual websites for further information.

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