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Grants from all sorts of different organisations can be a blessing when trying to find funds for projects. However, grant providers each have a purpose and aims they want to see achieved; they want to give grants to those who are delivering a project that will meet their aims.

For example, some will give grants towards the upkeep of the building, whether for historical or community purposes, while others will be inspired to help further the mission of your church, and to help grow our faith. Therefore, it is important to read the grant provider’s guide or terms before applying so that you know whether your church qualifies for a particular grant.

The Diocese of Hereford have created a detailed resource for anyone looking to manage a church buildings project.  At 268 pages, it is a detailed and thorough step-by-step guide covering everything from articulating your vision, raising funds, cash flow and managing a successful build. The Plunkett Foundation offers advice to churches looking to use space for a community projects, particularly if your aim is income generation or providing services to directly benefit the community, such as village shops, cafes and local services. Watch their webinar to find out more (Passcode: w&08FgS=)

If you are looking for funding to pursue a project, below is a list of organisations that may be able to help. 

Church Grants Database
Church Grants is an online search engine specifically for churches and Christian organisations. The site contains a searchable database of hundreds of UK trusts and foundations.

We have a subscription that allows all parishes in the Salisbury Diocese to access this information for free (currently until June 2024). Find it here!

You will need to know your church code number – which you can find on both A Church Near You and on the Parish Giving Scheme website.
Historic Churches Trusts
Independent, non-profit organisations, dedicated to promoting and supporting church buildings of historic, architectural and community value across the counties of Dorset and Wiltshire.
Grant Giving Guides
Every few years National Church produces a guide to the main church funders. To complement this, the Salisbury Diocesan Funding Guide aims to include regional funders that may support church projects across Dorset and Wiltshire. Neither is an exhaustive list, and they are liable to change. If you spot any errors, please notify the Giving Team.
Tips for writing a proposal
Introducing MINT: Mechanisms, Impact, Need and Trust.
Applying for National Lottery Funding?
These informal guides about National Lottery funding are intended as generic advice for consideration. It is recommended that you contact the local National Lottery fund representative for guidance specific to your project.
ASDA Foundation

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